I've just had 8 hours of glorious, uninterrupted night's sleep and I feel on top of the world! I thought people actually lied about little babies sleeping more than 3 hours. The Boy is 10 weeks old and for the last 2 or 3 days I've noticed a massive change in his contentent; I think we've turned a corner.

True friends told me before Booboo that the first 12 weeks can be dark days and, in my experience, they definitely are but the night that I finally get some sleep all of that is forgotten and my baby becomes understandable for the first time and I want to tell strangers in the street how well my baby sleeps. So for me, the secret to surviving the newborn days is gritting my teeth and waiting for time to pass whilst trying to capture as many milk drunk naps, cheeky smiles (even if they are just precursors to vomit) and calm moments of tea drinking and biscuit eating.

The only difference with how I'm parenting the Boy compared with Booboo is a complete lack of routine so last night's mammoth sleep has nothing to do with any kind of plan. I have no time for baby books and no other babies to compare the Boy to so I have absolutely no clue where we are in the day with naps, feeds or playtime but it's actually less stressful. I constantly felt behind schedule with Booboo and nowadays we're going with the flow. I know this will come back to bite me when the Boy doesn't self soothe, sleeps in our bed and refuses to be weaned but i will take that risk.

Let's hope this sleeping at night continues because I'm planning on going to the gym and scraping together the body two babies have used as a home which has now been left resembling a house. It's goodbye to mainlining chocolate and bread and I will probably forever be on a diet. A nutritionist told me, happily 2 years too late, that excessive carbs aren't actually the answer to nutritional breast milk it's protein and fats. If anyone thinks that theory is inaccurate and that a share bag of Cadbury Buttons a day is a medical requirement for a breast feeding mother I'm all ears!

Kind regards,

A New Woman!



Margarita Garde-Martin
20/06/2013 18:17

Well, I am completely jealous! I'm lucky if I get 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and I thought it was going to be different this time. Isabelle lead me into a false sense of security by sleeping 7 hours from 7 weeks! It didn't last longer than 5 weeks - I am totally knackered! Still hoping though.... :) x

20/06/2013 21:25

I'm so glad someone else's baby did that! My little girl slept through for 12 hours straight from the age of about 10 weeks for about a month, then gradually got worse again. Very random. She was never terrible and is fine now but it always seems like the "sleeping through" thing is supposed to be a linear progression and for us it really wasn't!

20/06/2013 21:28

PS That definitely won't happen to the gorgeous Boy and he will definitely be sleeping through every night from now until he leaves home... ;-)

20/06/2013 23:21

Ha ha...we've both posted xx..all in similar boats

20/06/2013 23:18

I laughed out loud at that last line..I too believe in one share bag of Cadbury buttons each night...having ironically gone off chocolate with my second pregnancy. My second is nine weeks old and I suddenly thought maybe I needed a routine. The day I decided on one he amazingly did I and I felt almost smug,....the next day with a four hour morning nap I came to the same conclusion...forget it. Life is stressful enough with my three year old


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