You read about this phase in labour where you feel like you don't want to go through with the crowning bit and would rather zip it all up and just go home but I reckon I also go through a breast feeding transitional phase. It's a theory I have developed pretty much overnight, without any sleep or scientific basis whatsoever.
In my experience, I get to the 6 week mark think all is going ok with the breast feeding, sorted out the latch by queuing up to let a 'counsellor' fiddle with my boobs, got rid of green poos (a topic for another post), weight gain becomes acceptable to even the most judgmental health visitor and then we hit a wall. Both my babies started screaming day and night at this 6 week stage. Wonder week? Growth spurt? Colic peak? Reflux? Whatever it is it sends me into a breast feeding hating rant and makes the Dad kindly offer to buy formula.  I then grab the breast pump to sadly find out what I ready know, milk drips out at the rate of an ounce an hour mechanically confirming I can't feed my baby and my baby is actually screaming that he's starving!

I've been through all this before.  Booboo's first weeks were exactly the same so I think it's a 6-8 week mountain I have to overcome. I haven't reached for the formula just yet because I hold it out to be the miracle answer when things get desperate and if I gave it to the Boy and he still screamed It would send me over the edge! So I'm soldiering through and choosing to believe that I am built to feed my baby just what he needs and that he isn't actually starving as he's putting on weight and, just like the labour transitional phase, I'm praying once it passes we are home and dry! Today I hate breast feeding and in a few months when I am weaning the Boy off I will be a hormonal wreck not wanting to stop.

Just to make sure the screaming isn't anything to do with his cranium? I'm also going to see a cranial osteopath which may probably be akin to burning £40 but talk of such pro activity and an appointment got me up and dressed today!


28/05/2013 10:33

Aww you poor thing! I'm pretty sure that babies hit their first big growth spurt at 6-8 weeks and feed loads more and seem quite unsettled. I remember Ellie cluster feeding (that name is a COMPLETE lie and it should be called constant feeding) at about that age and a very calm and sensible health visitor advised me to just expect it - load up the table with drinks, chocolate, etc and make sure I had plenty to watch on tv and go with it. Sounds blindingly obvious when I look at it now but that shift in expectation made a big difference. Also bear in mind that pumping isn't a true reflection of how much milk you actually have so don't freak out if you can't pump much. If Charlie is having lots of wet and pooey nappies then he's getting enough milk xx


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