I am a week from my due date.  I tricked myself into thinking this baby was coming early because my bump had dropped and I was feeling like I was holding a baby in rather than carrying one but it looks as though we're seeing this one through to the end and then probably another fortnight.

Luckily for friends and family I haven't turned into the impatient monster I became when waiting for Booboo's arrival.  I am pretty relaxed this time because every night of uninterrupted, uncomfortable sleep is to be savoured.  I was so mean at the end of Booboo's pregnancy and people stayed away because I lost any filter I've ever had that prevented me from snapping heads off.  One week overdue I started throwing money at the situation.  As a closet lover of the alternative and homeopathic I sought help at the local 'clinic'.  A reflexologist promised me that my foot massage with the help of the good fairies and energy that surrounded me would have this baby in my arms in 24 hours for £40.  Two acupuncturists reassured me with their success stories that contractions would start within 12 to 24 hours of their needles being inserted for the total cost of £120 plus travel fees to London on one occasion.  Day 11 post due date and I desperately went back to an acupuncturist who told me to drop my bad attitude and accept that you cannot control labour and that I should just deal with the fact that induction was likely and before she had even put a needle in me I had my first contraction.  So if anyone wants to come over and have a go at me, I will pay you for that service if it results in a baby but I am not paying upfront again.

Realistically, I am resigned to going 2 weeks over.  Whenever this baby arrives I will be ready but I am still in the dark as to how Booboo will react.  I think she now knows something is up, she has started being really loving, whereas usually she uses a cuddle to get close enough to my face to poke me in the eye she now cuddles me saying 'my mummy'.  So cute but I worry she is already feeling the difference the imminent arrival will have on her life.  Booboo doesn't know how to; or why she should, wait and she is going to have to learn that all of her needs cannot be catered for at supersonic speed very soon.  I am quite teary lately at the thought of the changes Booboo will go through when this new baby arrives and I really do not want her to feel like a big girl because she is still my baby too. 

Other than a gorgeous new baby who smells like vanilla milk, I am also waiting for a glass of cold fizzy wine, ideally this English one, a brie and grape sandwich from M&S and to be able to cough without having to cross everything to stop me from weeing myself.  What did you look forward to most after giving birth?  I would love to add a few more treats to my hospital bag!



Sarah Hamerton
27/03/2013 23:15

I was most looking forward to a medium rare filet steak with a large glass of red wine...!!! When I had it, it was the best steak ever!

We were wondering if you had given birth yet as hadn't seen any posts or tweets for a few days and thought #2 might have arrived :-) All the very best for labour and I am sure Booboo will take to being a big sister just fine xxx

28/03/2013 14:14

Hi Sarah!

We stupidly ripped out our kitchen so it got in the way of my social media addiction and posting - grrr. We now have electricity, gas and water so ready for a baby! Woohoo!

Medium rare steak - yes please!

Thank you so much for your comments and tweets I really appreciate the support. I will keep you updated (obvs not in labour, I'm not that weird). xxx

27/03/2013 23:42

I remember the one thing I looked forward to the most was being able to sleep on my front! Oh how I missed that when I was pregnant! Also not wanting to throw up every couples of hours was a definite plus point! Lol!

28/03/2013 14:16

Hi Sarah,

I can't sleep on my front or have anyone touch my neck both weirdly make me feel like I am being strangled but I have started to feel like I am living on a boat so I am with you on not feeling sick all the time!

Take care, xx

Emi Z
28/03/2013 08:20

Sushi and no more sciatica!! Good luck and all the best - look forward to hearing baby news soon. Love your blog x

28/03/2013 14:19

Hi Emi,

So good to hear from you! Your boy is just scrumptious! I follow your freelance chef pics on FB - you're so clever and I wish I could eat your creations!

Thank you so much for your support and I will update you as and when this baby arrives xx

28/03/2013 14:21

Hi Emi,

So good to hear from you! Your boy is truly scrumptious! I follow your freelance chef pics on FB - you are so clever, I wish I could eat your creations.

Thank you so much for your support and I will update you as and when this baby arrives.

Take care, x

28/03/2013 13:59

Not weeing every 15 minutes. xxx

28/03/2013 14:22

Hi Jane,

Definitely! I still go less than Booboo's dad though which is very weird! xx


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